Exclusive to Fews Marquees in the UK

The Igloo
expect different

Exclusive to Fews Marquees, and featuring cutting edge structural technology and excellent acoustics, the Igloo allows event designers to create amazing spaces with unparalleled levels of height and light at their disposal. Suitable for large productions, the aluminium structure can be designed in modular widths with PVC coverings available in crystal clear, white opaque, and black out finishes.


Technical excellence

The Igloo is a unique structure with internal heights of up to 14 metres and almost unlimited length, it is available as standard in 30m width, but also 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m and 40m widths are available.

With a load bearing capacity of up 3000kg per arch, the Igloo can comfortably support sound and lighting rigs for some of the biggest productions.

For events that require giant structures, we can also offer spans of 40m, 50m and 70m.


Industry leading service

Once we know your requirement, one of our project managers will be allocated to support you from start to finish. From quote, site visit, 2D & 3D visuals, 3D renders and installation; every step of the way they’ll keep you informed, and be available 24/7 to ensure a stress free process and delivery on time.

We pride ourselves in offering a level of service that is above and beyond the norm in our industry.

Technical specification

Internal Height: Up to 14 metres

Width: 30 Metres as standard, 10-70m metres available on request

Length: Unlimited in 5m increments

Load bearing: 3000kg per arch

Wall finishes: White Opaque, Crystal Clear, Two Tone Black Out

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