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Bell & Cross Garden Marquees

Social distancing is now one of the most used phrases in the English language, and public houses are one of the places where it seems, on the surface, to be least appropriate.  However, in these times all businesses need to adapt, and some reacted more quickly than others.

When the Bell and Cross in Clent, near Stourbridge, called to say they needed to maximise their outdoor space during 2020 we responded as quickly as we could.


The Fews Solution

In order to comply with the social-distancing regulation that existed at the time, the focus was on weather shelters with clear separation between customers.

The ground available on which to build was a 10 metre x 10 metre garden area with limited access.

Fews provided two marquee structures with partition walls to create discrete areas for groups of six customers.  One 3 metre x 6 metre structure and one 3 metre x 9 metre marquee each on 2.3 metre legs with partition created an attractive and practical space for the pub’s clientele.

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Pub Garden Marquee Pub Garden Marquee Pub Garden Marquee Pub Garden Marquee