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20th May 2021

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Marquee hire, the ultimate guide

When planning your event, choosing a marquee hire company should be fairly straightforward. However, a simple Google search reveals an overwhelming array of companies looking for your business, all of whom go to great lengths to show you how wonderful your event could be.

Most marquee hire companies will ask you a series of questions, including, is your event a wedding, or a party? Is it private or a corporate event? Do you want to hire a marquee for a few days or a few months? What size marquee do you want? How many guests? What style of marquee are you interested in? Do you have a budget for marquee hire? The list goes on.

By this point, you are no doubt overwhelmed and wishing marquee hire were a more simple process. The good news, is that is can be. All you need to do is narrow your search. Ask yourself, who should I choose to be my marquee hire company?

By taking this approach, you will start to notice that marquee suppliers tend to specialise in one area, for example, weddings or corporate events. The larger marquee hire companies will also have specific products and offerings tailored to individual market sectors.

Marquee hire for weddings

The wedding marquee sector is driven by many factors, but none are more important than your wedding location. Most wedding marquee hire companies operate within a set geographical area, so when searching for a marquee hire company for your big day, limiting your search to local companies is the way to go.

The second biggest factor when choosing a marquee hire company is budget, which will usually be driven by these three things:

Most brides have an idea of their ideal wedding and the level of luxury they require. Specialist wedding marquee hire companies should be able to show you all of the latest trends in layout and décor available.

When it comes to your wedding marquee, the location is important. For example, a flat easy-to-access site will be quicker to build on than a restricted-access hilly garden. This is an important budget consideration, as the less time it takes to build, the lower the cost.

Elements to consider before you contact a marquee hire company:

Marquees for Asian Weddings

Typically, Western weddings have fewer guests than their Asian counterparts, so if you are looking to invite over 200 guests, choosing a marquee provider who has plenty of experience in the Asian market may be the best option. Marquee hire companies with experience in the Asian wedding market, will be knowledgable about the scope and scale of the event and the bearing it may have on services such as power supply and the needs of caterers ect.

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Marquee hire for parties

Choosing a party marquee hire company is similar, in part, to choosing a wedding marquee supplier. Location and number of guests is certainly a consideration, but the main difference would be if you wanted a specific theme for your party and if it is seated dining.

The level of quality in this sector can vary greatly, but if you are looking to put on a high-impact party, then the marquee structure will need to be up to the task. You should also ensure that your party marquee hire company has experience in providing party marquee structures to suit the party you have in mind. Interior designers are much more effective when building on high quality foundations.

Elements to consider for your party marquee:

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Marquee hire for corporate events

There are marquee hire companies who specialise in providing marquees for corporate events. Requirements such as size of the marquee, structure type, design and hire period are all important factors to take into consideration when planning your event.

The focus should be on providing the perfect environment for corporate clients. This can be achieved through design, scale and finish. When working with corporate clients, it is important for marquee hire companies to understand the brand values and ambitions of their client and ensure that the end solution reflects this.

It is vital that the marquee supplier offers flexibility, scale and the highest quality of finishes.

The structure you require for your corporate event may need significant internal height, load bearing capabilities or even acoustic properties. You may also need thermally efficient hard sides or glass panels, cassette level floor systems or complex internal fit-outs in challenging logistical conditions.

It is essential that you receive reliable advice on the type of marquee structure that will deliver the solution you need.

All successful events require high levels of understanding and co-operation between everyone involved. We would advise having a dedicated project manager to provide a personal service and ensure continuity from planning through to de-rig.

Elements to consider when planning a marquee structure for your corporate event:

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Types of marquee

Marquees come in many shapes and sizes and with differing levels of maintenance. A high-quality marquee hire company should be able to advise you on the type of marquee that would best suit your needs.

Modern, high-quality marquees are nearly always clear-span, meaning there are no supporting pillars in the middle of the structure, this results in a greater flexibility when it comes to design.

Another common marquee type are pagodas. These marquees can stand-alone or be part of an entrance design. They can either be soft sided, hard or glass walled structures which can accommodate various floor types. Specialist dome-type or even multi-storey pagodas are also available.

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Long-term or short-term marquee hire

Marquee hire will usually fall into two distinct categories, long term or short term marquee hire. Generally speaking, events that take place over a day, weekend or even a few weeks would be considered short-term marquee hire. Outside of this time frame would be classed as long-term hire. In some circumstances, marquees and temporary buildings can be on site for periods of months and even years.

An good example of this would be a wedding venue, where a marquee may be set up for the whole summer season. It is also common for restaurant extension marquees to be in place for many months, to allow the restaurant to cope with additional business or refurbishment.

At Fews, we supply high-quality marquee structures such as our exceptional Fews Premium Marquee. These structures are built to be robust and durable and can be used as permanent buildings for as long as required, with minimal maintenance.

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Marquee hire process

At Fews, we like to make the marquee hire process as straightforward as possible. We will always provide you with a single point of contact. All of our team are highly trained, have years of industry experience and would be more than happy to walk you through each stage of the marquee hire process to ensure continuity.

Whether you partner with Fews fews for your event or another supplier, site visits are almost always necessary and help to predict and prevent major installation issues. You may also find that supplier meetings are very useful and help all parties understand the space and service requirements of the event. This is especially important when planning for larger weddings / events. Simply put, the better the plan, the smoother the event.

In summary, there are no real short-cuts to the marquee hire process. Make sure you do your research, check websites, view case studies and explore social media channels to get the full picture which will help you decide if a particular marquee hire company is right for you.

If you are interested in partnering with Fews for your next event, we would love to hear from you. Together, we can bring your event to life.

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