Misconceptions About Marquees Explained

When we get talking to our customers here at Fews Marquees, we often realise just how many misconceptions about marquees there are. We hear the same things about temporary structures all the time and they’re often things that put people off choosing a marquee, so today we’re going to be putting those things straight.


Marquees and Gazebos Are The Same

A lot of the other misconceptions around marquees stem from this, which is that marquees and gazebos are the same thing.

Two very different structures, Gazebos are like pop up coverings that you tend to have in your garden when hosting BBQs and parties. Gazebos often don’t have sides and if they do, they’re made from lightweight fabric with little to no structure.

Gazebos are much smaller in size than marquees and are only designed for very short term use as they can only withstand a certain amount of bad weather. Marquees, on the other hand, are strong, structured temporary buildings that can stand up against poor weather and be left up for a number of weeks or months.

Marquees are fitted with actual internal metal structures that are freestanding, unlike gazebos that need pitching down. Marquees can be made from various materials, as well as being fitted with heating or air conditioning systems.

Both have their place in the world of events but they’re very different solutions.


Marquees Aren’t a Long Term Solution

Something our customers are often surprised by is how long our marquees can actually stay constructed and in-use for. Although our marquees are used for temporary contracts, we have a number of long term clients who keep our structures up for months and even years.

From warehousing to event spaces, our marquees are suitable for a number of different long term uses and are more than suitable to be left up for as long as you need.

Due to the strong frames, variety of materials and different features we can add onto the buildings, our marquees act like bricks and mortar constructions, they can just simply be erected much quicker.


Marquees Aren’t Suitable for Use in Bad Weather

Another common misconception we believe comes from the confusion with gazebos, we hear a lot of questions regarding how marquees cope in bad weather – it is the UK after all!

As our marquees can be used long term, they have to be suitable for use all year round and thanks to the strong frames and weatherproof materials we use during their construction, they can withstand heavy wind, rain and snow when required.

Our marquees are often used for housing broadcasting studios with a lot of electrical equipment inside and as the weather can change quickly in this country, we always ensure all of our marquees are watertight to be protect the people and technology inside.


Marquees Can’t Be Customised

As marquees are known for being temporary structures, there’s often a belief that they can’t be customised for different brands or events, in the same way you can decorate or personalise a ‘regular venue’ but this isn’t the case.

Most of our temporary structures require some kind of branding or customisation at the request of the client to make it suitable for the job in hand, whether it be signage on the front of the marquee or branding inside, either way, we can make it happen.

Marquees are super versatile, due to being designed from scratch for each individual project, so customisation is something we can easily add into the plans.

So, if you were ever unsure about whether a marquee would work for you, hopefully reading up the truth on these misconceptions has put your mind at ease!

If you have any more marquee questions you need answering, feel free to contact the team at Fews Marquees by calling 01527 531402.



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