Ice rink igloo marquee

5 Marquee Solutions for the Festive Period

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5 Marquee Solutions for the Festive Period

Just in case you happen to need it, here’s 5 marquee solutions for the festive period. For most of the population it’s the height of summer, and we can see no further than a Cornwall beach and the next ice cream. But there’s nothing like planning ahead, and for professional event planners (whisper it quietly) the festive is almost upon us.
At a fundamental level, marquees that would be considered by event planners for use throughout this period should be high quality, robust, weather resistant (rain, wind, and snow), sometimes heated, but always visually appealing.

Here’s a quick run-through of the most common uses of Fews marquee structures through the winter/Christmas period.

Marquees for Ice Rinks

Temporary ice rinks typically start popping up in British cities around the end of November, and sometimes form the centrepiece of Christmas Fairs. Sizes vary enormously, but a solid level floor is an absolute must, and our flooring systems guarantee stability and provide a perfectly level environment on which to construct the rink
Fews offer a specialist structure called “Igloo” that is perfect for ice rinks. Available in widths up to 40 metres and almost unlimited lengths, this 16 metre-high structure offers a clear point of difference as an eye-catching centrepiece for any city centre.
An alternative is one of our Premium structures, which allow for versatility in design and décor. When used as a bar, restaurant or skate exchange they can be insulated and heated to provide a very comfortable environment for customers to enjoy.

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Ice rink igloo marquee
Ice rink igloo marquee

Marquees for Corporate Parties

The festive season wouldn’t be same without good corporate bash to relieve stress and let the hair down. Christmas 2021 might present a few challenges regarding space and locations, but a marquee offers the flexibility to cope with any environment that may need to be created.
Décor and branding are usually high on the list of priorities for any event planner and Fews Premium marquees are made specifically with this in mind offering a variety of wall types and areas for branding.
Heating (link) is critical at this time of year and Fews can heat any marquee, however large, with a system to suit the purpose. This can range from carefully placed, discreet diffusers to overhead ducts to distribute heat (or cool air) evenly throughout the structure all controlled by thermostat.
Specialist lighting and linings can be provided including gobo lights for projecting pattern and logos, glitter balls and pin spots, and sequenced LED lighting & colour washes.

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corporate christmas party marquee
corporate christmas party marquee



Large Heated Marquees for Christmas Events

Where the maximum amount of space is required for a Christmas event, Fews offer a number of solutions. The “Igloo” is the largest structure with up to 40 metre clear-span widths and lengths of over 100 metres in 5 metre bays. Internal heights of up to 16 metres and considerable suspended loading capability offers many options for lighting and audio rigging.
With clear-span widths of up 25 metres, Fews Premium marquees can provide comfortable, heated environments with excellent branding and décor opportunities.

Winter Weddings and News Year’s Parties

Winter weddings are very popular, and with space at a premium through the summer and autumn seasons, could be the way to go in 2021. The festive season offers a perfect backdrop for well-planned winter wedding and our marquees are able to cope with the demands the weather may make.
Thermostat controlled heating and built-in catering and toilet facilities can make a very special wedding indeed.
The space required for New Year’s parties is going to present a challenge to event organisers, but marquees can provide whatever is required, wherever it is required. Heating, lighting and PA systems are all available on request.

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Winter wedding marquee
Winter wedding marquee



Marquees for Winter Fairs

Winter Fairs and German markets are extremely popular and providing stallholders with adequate cover is a minimum requirement. Fews universal marquees offer clear-span widths of up to 15 metres and almost unlimited length in 3 metre increments. These robust structures can ensure a dry, protected environment with resistance to wind, rain, and snow.
In addition, heating and lighting can be provided.


In summary, Fews marquees are an ideal solution for winter events.  They are completely flexible in terms of size and location.  For designers, they represent a blank canvas on which to present a brand or message.  Heating and lighting can be completely controlled, as can the customer journey.  All it takes is a phone call and we can help.

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Ice rink igloo marquee
Ice rink igloo marquee
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