Our Temporary Gymnasium & Sporting Solutions

Our temporary gyms are as high-tech and practical as your regular, permanently built gyms, so a work out in one of our gyms is going to be as testing and intense as your usual workouts. We’re able to use bespoke materials and building techniques to create state of the art temporary sports facilities that offer great lighting, space and temperature control to offer the ideal environment for exercising.

With ABS wall panels, thermos efficient roofs, level cassette floors and climate control, we can create temporary sports buildings that are inspiring and practical for both daily workouts, intense training and after competition stretching and cooldowns, so whatever your need for a temporary gym, we can work with you to create the perfect bespoke space.

We offer flexible hire contracts on all our temporary gyms, so whether you know how long you’ll need the structure for or not, we’re able to provide you with the perfect building and then keep it pitched and maintained for as long as you need it.

Temporary School Gym

If you are building a new school gym, need a bigger one for an event you’re hosting or your current one is out of action, we can provide a temporary sports building to allow exercise classes to continue in your school. We can provide a temporary gym space in the exact size you need to suit the number of pupils and can use the right materials for the floor, walls and roof to not only make the space practical but suitable for how you wish to use it.

We also have a specialist structure for Padel Courts.

Sporting Events & Competitions

Whether it’s a regional, national or global sporting event, if you need a temporary gym space for competitors to train, warm up and cool down then one of our temporary structures is the perfect We’re able to construct state of the art portable gyms in the dimensions you require to work with the space you have available as well as adding bespoke features such as climate control and thermo efficient roofing to make your temporary gym the exact space you require.

Fast, efficient, personal service

We offer a very competitive service and will strive to find the perfect solution for your business with our proactive and personal approach. Each customer request is led from enquiry to build by one of our expertly trained project managers ensuring continuity and a seamless process. Once a project is commissioned, we allocate a single point of contact and responsibility.

Call us and one of our project managers will provide a FREE quote. When a site visit is required, then we are also happy to do this free of charge. If your requirement is very urgent, we are able to install some structures within a week.  Check with us and we’ll advise accordingly.

Building on School Sites: Skills Needed

Constructing temporary gymnasiums on educational sites requires a skilled workforce with specific qualifications:

DBS Checked Staff

All personnel involved in the construction process must undergo Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks to ensure a safe and secure working environment in proximity to students.

Flexible Delivery Schedule

The ability to deliver materials outside of school hours is essential to minimise disruptions to the ongoing educational activities and ensure the safety of students and staff alike. This requires coordination and planning to ensure a seamless construction process.

Health and Safety

There are a number of essential accreditations that are required to work in any environment.  Fews also operate on numerous nuclear sites which means a much higher level of training and accreditation.  There is more information on our accreditations and training programmes.

Visibility of Staff and Vehicles

All of our site staff wear branded hi-viz clothing and all of our vehicles are clearly branded for easy identification to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Use of Segregated Compounds

Fews always establish a compound to store materials and work safely away from staff and students.

High Quality

Constructed from anodised aluminium and other high quality materials, our temporary structures are resistant to wind, snow and rain, and are designed to last many years in such conditions. We use specialist enhanced PVC, insulated sandwich slabs, aluminium profiles and fire galvanised steel connection and assembly components to ensure we provide safe, durable, resistant structures.

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