Large Event structure from above

Igloo Event Structure

Redefining event structures – Expect different

The Igloo event structure is exclusive to Fews Marquees in the UK, and featuring cutting edge structural technology alongside excellent acoustics. The Igloo event structure allows event designers to create amazing event spaces with unparalleled levels of height and light at their disposal. It also serves a market specifically where height, width and suspended weight are critical. The Igloo event structure is suitable for large productions. The aluminium structure can be designed in modular widths with PVC coverings available in crystal clear, white opaque, and black out finishes.

An event structure with unique internal height

The Igloo’s unique height is a major advantage to event organisers. Internal heights of up to 16m allows for a truly vast roof space perfect for AV equipment, decor and displays, and makes it possible to clear some ground features such as trees and statues, which would not normally be possible with clear span marquees.

If you have a giant-sized product to launch or display, the Igloo is the safe choice with its huge capacity. It is possible to exhibit the largest vehicles or machinery including aeroplanes, tanks and very large farm vehicles which can all fit in with ease.

We can also supply air conditioning systems to effectively manage the internal temperature.

Huge suspended loading

The Igloo event structure has a huge load bearing capacity and can comfortably support sound and lighting rigs for the largest of productions, and it is possible to suspend product displays, artwork and even vehicles.

Size and versatility

The Igloo event structure is available in 30 metre widths as standard, but also 10m, 20m and 40 metre widths are available. The almost unlimited length of the Igloo means you are only limited by the ground space you have available. We can design complete round domes, rectangles or a mixture of straight lengths with one or two round ends as needs be.

A choice of White Opaque, Crystal Clear and Two Tone Black Out finishes ensures you have complete control over the atmosphere inside the Igloo.

The Igloo event structure is ideal for large-scale events and festivals, with the capacity to safely cover huge audiences and ensure bad weather never spoils the enjoyment. Incorporating the stage, back of house and the guests all in one space is proving popular, especially given the unpredictable British weather.

Winterised options for Igloo

A redesign of the existing Igloo event structure with enhanced engineering and new materials has meant that it can withstand winds of up to 31 m/s or 77 miles per hour. This will significantly reduce the risk of events being cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, especially during the “off season”.

The change in aluminium from 6005 T6 to 6082 T6, a much stronger material, and the addition of new bolted purlins when required and cross bracing means the winterised version can achieve the required wind speed.

Industry leading service

Once we know your requirement, one of our project managers will be allocated to support you from start to finish. From quote, site visit, 2D & 3D visuals, 3D renders and installation; every step of the way they’ll keep you informed, and be available 24/7 to ensure a stress free process and delivery on time.

We pride ourselves in offering a level of service that is above and beyond the norm in our industry.

Technical specification of the Igloo event structure

Internal Height: Up to 16 metres
Width: 30 Metres as standard, 10m, 20m and 40m available on request
Length: Unlimited in 5m increments
Wall finishes: White Opaque, Crystal Clear, Two Tone Black Out

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    Concerts, Shows and Outdoor Staging

    Throughout the year there are many concerts, shows and other events that would benefit from being held outside of the regular venue circuit but need protection in case the British weather intervenes. Where the audience is of a significant size or the show needs a lot of height then a particular type of structure is required.  If a large stage is also needed then this structure is perfect.

    The Igloo is an ideal structure to host events that require staging. Large, clear-span widths of up to 40 metres and almost unlimited length means huge audiences can be easily accommodated. In addition, the huge load bearing capability allows full AV production can be suspended from the roof.

    During cooler months, it can be easily heated to provide a comfortable environment for audience. The internal height of 16 metres ensures the Igloo also does not get too warm in the summer. The lower levels can be cooled, and heat rising into the large open space makes sure the structure remains at a comfortable temperature.

    Compromising your vision based on venue availability is unnecessary.

    Here are two case studies of Igloo being used as a stage / festival structure:

    Parklife festival
    Post Race Event

    Expect the best. Expect different.

    Outdoor event structures for ascot festival
    Large, Outdoor event marquee
    Igloo Staging
    Tree inside spacious event structure
    Large object within the Igloo
    Large-scale festival structure at corporate event
    Igloo from above (next to a double decker bus for scale)
    Glass marquee at Ascot racecourse
    Entrance to Igloo
    Tall marquee with DJ stage
    Igloo Structure
    Durable Marquee at Ascot racecourse
    Double decker bus beside Igloo showing the scale of the structure
    Colourful Festival stage
    Lighting display during event
    Vibrant outdoor event structure at night with lighting display
    The Igloo from outside with ongoing lighting display from within
    impressive large party marquee
    Light rigging capabilities from Igloo roof
    Spacious festival marquee with tree inside
    Spacious Crowd area within the Igloo
    Unique festival stage
    Stage view from inside the Igloo



    Perfect conference venues can be difficult to find. They’re not always in a location that your delegates can get to, or sometimes parking is either expensive or non-existent. Structural features such as internal columns or low ceilings can significantly impact layout options. You may want to bring in large items such as cars, trucks or even aircraft.

    Access in this case is critical and most often limits the options to almost nothing. The Igloo event structure provides the perfect space to hold a corporate conference. It offers scale and flexibility to accommodate any number of delegates. The open aluminium structure naturally lends itself to be branded and decorated, and the excellent acoustics means that your audience won’t miss a word.

    With up to 16 metres maximum height, unobstructed clear-span space and versatile access, you can design almost any space and the Igloo can cope. You have the option of White Opaque, Crystal Clear and Two Tone Black-Out finishes, so the atmosphere inside the Igloo can be completely controlled. Of course, as a temporary structure, it can be located wherever the parking, hotels and other infrastructures suits your audience. There’s absolutely no need to compromise on your vision.

    For the perfect conference, expect more. Expect different.

    Large scale Conference space
    Conference event space
    Large conference venue
    Professional corporate event rentals


    Festivals are a demanding environment for everyone involved. Once the weather decides to intervene “demanding” doesn’t really cover it. Artists, crew, organisers, stall holders and staff are all tested to the limit and the audience can be left to their own devices. Some areas are open to the elements, but others are covered using large tents and marquees, and sometimes bespoke structures.

    The Igloo is a perfect structure in this environment and can be used in a number of ways for festivals. It can be configured as a stand-alone stage, or as a cover for huge audiences depending on requirement. With a width of up to 40 metres and potentially hundreds of metres long, the Igloo offers a completely unobstructed view for the whole audience.

    Full AV production can be suspended from the arches utilising the huge load bearing capacity, and excellent acoustics means the sound can be kept under control. The height allows for a flow of air through the structure.

    Overall, the robust structural design and modular versatility means the Igloo is an ideal structure to create that perfect musical environment.

    Here are case studies of the Igloo being used as a festival structure:

    Parklife Festival
    Edinburgh Festival

    Don’t expect to compromise. Expect different.

    Performers on stage inside of large concert marquee
    Spacious Festival structure
    DJ playing to festival crowd inside of large festival structure
    Large Festival structure with main stage and decorative roof
    Massive Festival structure with large crowd capacity
    Tall festival structure with dance stage
    Festival Crowd inside of innovative event structure
    Festival Crowd
    wide festival structure with DJ playing to crowd
    Extra long festival marquee
    Festival lighting rigging above crowd
    Edinburgh festival marquee
    Long festival tent
    Big Festival tent

    Igloo Festival Video

    Ice rinks

    Most look forward to summer, but for providers of ice rinks winter is always on the way and the need to make the offer as unique as possible is part of the puzzle. A fixture in many cities, where large crowds gather to take in the Christmas atmosphere and maximise the magical winter experience.

    If you’re looking for an eye catching and practical structure for your ice rink, we have an ideal solution for you. Our Igloo structure offers the versatility and striking aesthetics to ensure your event stands out in the mind of the public, as well as providing the necessary cover to protect and making sure the skaters are comfortable. With clear-span widths of up to 40 metres and rising up 16 metres to the apex, the Igloo can wow any crowd.

    Utilising high quality flooring systems to ensure stability and provide a perfectly level environment on which to construct the rink, we can produce a rink that will last from November to January. For bars, restaurants, storage and changing areas, and reception, we can provide high quality premium clear span structures with full temperature control and bespoke decor.

    Here’s a case study of Igloo being used as an ice rink in Birmingham:

    Centenary Square Ice Rink

    Compromising on design and quality is a thing of the past.

    Expect solutions. Expect different.

    Large Ice Rink marquee
    New ice rink
    large Ice Rink structure
    Ice Rink hire
    Ice Rink structure for large number of guests
    Birmingham's largest Ice Rink
    Ice Rink Marquee for Birmingham
    Big Ice rink with
    Festive marquee at Christmas event
    Christmas marquee at night

    Specialists in temporary sport structures

    The range of temporary sport structures we provide are specially designed to house major events and sporting celebrations. Our solutions range from simple wet weather provision to stunning luxury structures for press conferences, testimonials, VIP hospitality, exhibitions, green rooms and gala dinners. Our incredible, exclusive Igloo structure can be used for Ice Rinks, Tennis Tournaments, Indoor Football, Basketball and many other sports and has the capacity to accommodate seating and hospitality areas.

    Our sport structures have featured at a number of prestigious sporting events and have been utilised at the following venues:

    Olympic Park, Alexandra Stadium, London Stadium, Twickenham, Ethiad Academy, Ascot, Birmingham City, Windsor Horse Trials

    Expect the best. Expect different.

    Custom sports arena constructions
    large Specialised sports facility

    Corporate hospitality

    The Igloo is a perfect space for corporate hospitality. It offers scale and flexibility to accommodate any number of guests. The open aluminium structure naturally lends itself to be branded and can be decorated in any style you prefer.

    You have the option of White Opaque, Crystal Clear and Two Tone Black-Out finishes, so the atmosphere inside the Igloo can be completely controlled.

    Here is a case study demonstrating the Igloo in use as a hospitality structure:

    The Retreat

    Don’t expect to compromise.

    Expect different.

    Hospitality tent for corporate event
    Corporate hospitality marquee
    High end corporate marquee
    Hospitality marquee structure for large corporate event
    Large corporate event structure for hospitality
    Large corporate hospitality space

    Edinburgh Park

    Edinburgh Academy Junior School

    Tree canopy
    Industry Leading Sustainability
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