The Cleanest, Bright, White Marquees 

We take great pride in providing the best maintained marquees in the industry, and have many processes to ensure the proper storage of frames, PVC and other parts of every marquee. This has this has the effect of presenting the highest quality of marquee to each event, and also increasing the product life of our inventory, which is central to our sustainable philosophy.

In order to achieve this, we have four key elements:

The Sustainable Green Cleaning Machine

Our unique cleaning machine as described opposite, is fundamental to the efficiency of the operation.

Bespoke Storage System for PVC

Every size of PVC wall and roof has an individual storage box and position within our dedicated warehouse unit.  This unit is ventilated and free from condensation to make sure that the PVC is free from contaminates such as mould.

Bespoke Stillage System for Marquee Frames

Each frame type has it’s own stillages, specially designed to prevent damage during storage and transportation.  Transporting the frames inside a stillage is the best way to make sure that they arrive in optimum condition.

Skilled & Experienced Yard Staff

All of our yard staff, under the watchful eye of our very experienced yard manager, are trained to make sure that every piece of inventory is loaded, unloaded and stored using the Fews system.  It’s this attention to detail that guarantees the cleanest, whitest marquees.

It’s the feathers that make the bird!

Sustainable Cleaning

In order to make our PVC cleaning more efficient and sustainable,  we used our expertise and experience  to develop a high-speed, sustainable PVC cleaning machine.   We clean our PVC before and after each use to increase product life, and it was important to make this process as sustainable and practical as possible. Developing this machine has significantly reduced the energy and time required to clean each piece of PVC. 

Unique in the industry and built in conjunction with Straight Eight Engineering, this is the only continual washing and drying machine currently available.

Utilising Biomass

Biomass provides hot water for the pre-wash which removes oil and grease from the PVC.  It also provides hot air to perfectly dry the PVC after washing, meaning we can store the PVC without risk of mould developing ensuring a greatly extended life span.

Reduced Energy Consumption & Use of Materials

We clean a huge amount of PVC throughout the year and this innovation helps us to significantly reduce energy consumption, volume of cleaning materials, and turnover of water.

With cleaning speeds of 4-6 metres per minute, this machine is capable of cleaning more PVC in a day than anything else on the market.

Our heat is already sustainably produced through Biomass boilers, but “The Sustainable Green Cleaning Machine” is another significant step towards our goal of Net Zero.


Our Sustainable Journey
The Sustainable Green Cleaning Machine
The Sustainable Green Cleaning Machine
The machine in action with our PVC Manager, Mike
The machine in action with our PVC Manager, Mike
The machine in action with the cleaning team
The machine in action with the cleaning team
Frame Storage Stillage
PVC Storage Boxes

The Sustainable Green Cleaning Machine

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