Case Study
U.K's Leading Racecourse

The Igloo Has Landed…

In the month of October we launched our brand new Igloo structure for the very first time in the UK, at one of the country’s leading racecourses.

The Igloo stretched 45m long and was located in the heart of the racecourse, the Igloo boasted crystal clear roofs over dance areas with dark two-tone roofs over the main stage. Making the most of the iconic setting and the desire to party under the stars, the vast 14m internal height provided the real feeling of openness with guests drawn to a much darker stage environment, highlighting the performances on stage as well as accommodating two existing 10m high trees!

The Fews Solution

In addition to the striking aesthetics, the Igloo has impressive features:

Widths: 30m
Lengths: Unlimited in 5m increments
Ridge Height: Up to 14m
Wall Finishes: Coverings are available in translucent, opaque, crystal and black out finishes.

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