Igloo marquee structure at Edinburgh International Festival

A Thank You to Team Few

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Throughout the past 18 months or so, like many businesses, we’ve been presented with some very stiff challenges.

The March 2020 lockdown represented a serious threat to all businesses in the events sector, and Fews were no exception. It was a crisis and a scary time in every possible way.

The Fews team have responded by finding and understanding new markets, developing new products, rebranding the business, re-organising our warehousing, learning how to build different structures with entirely unfamiliar requirements, meeting the expectations of very different clients – some of whom were under enormous pressure, whilst always keeping a close eye on the critical numbers and a view to future strategy.

No period of change could have been more turbulent or more challenging to navigate. The outcomes will prove to be profound for the future of Fews.

None of this would have been possible with the wholehearted commitment of the Fews team, all of whom bought straight into the new methods without a moment’s hesitation. Trust me, it wasn’t easy for anyone.

Our recent project at Edinburgh International Festival really demonstrated what a strong and dynamic team we have become, overcoming many problems through a very complex build. This involved everyone from sales and marketing, accounts, the design team, operations, project managers, warehouse & yard staff, PVC cleaners, rigging teams and truck drivers.

The success of the project was not just a job well done, but a reflection of a team working very hard in often difficult circumstances to deliver for our client.

I couldn’t have more pride in what we’ve achieved or the team we’ve become.

Thank you Team Few.

Ian Few

Igloo marquees at Edinburgh International Festival Igloo marquees at Edinburgh International Festival Igloo marquees at Edinburgh International Festival
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