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Architectural Elegance redefined

In the world of event planning and venue selection, finding the perfect space that combines aesthetics and functionality can be a challenging endeavour. Here at Fews we offer our orangery structure, an incredibly sought-after choice for events, providing not only a spectacular backdrop and enclosure to your event but also a fantastic structure with vast functionalities that provides practicality to your event, making the orangery an ideal choice for a wide range of occasions.

Orangeries are celebrated for their captivating architectural design, which transcends the boundaries of ordinary event spaces. The timeless elegance often characterised by the intricate detailing, the sophistication of the structural body and the enchanted orchard-like feel you get when you step inside of the orangery are unmatched in any other event structure.

The functionality of the orangery allows for rapid installation and take down, as well as its adaptable purposes, making it an ideal venue for any event, also providing a vast array of freedom when it comes to building the orangery so that it works for you.

Dimensions of the orangery:

  • 3-meter leg version – maximum width of 25 metres
  • 4-meter leg version – maximum width of 20 metres and elaborate framework above the windows

The Winterised version of the orangery is perfect for any winter event with its double-glazed windows and doors, insulated twin skin thermos roofs and 24mm insulated sandwich panel walls.

As the winter seasons approach, the orangery becomes ever more mesmerising with its enchanting and cosy feel, making it a highly sought after, all year-round, event venue.

Tailored for every occasion

One of the defining features of orangeries is their adaptability. The size, layout, and design can be tailored to align seamlessly with your vision. This flexibility ensures that your event space is not just a backdrop but an integral part of the experience, designed to reflect the unique style and preferences related to your event.

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Orangery Marquee Structure UK
Orangery Marquee Structure
Orangery Marquee Structure
Orangery Marquee Structure

Quality standards, regulations and certifications

All products are designed, structurally calculated and examined as per following international standards and regulations 

DIN EN 13782:

European EURO-CODE standard for demountable structures
DIN EN 1999-1-1 and NA: EC 9 Design of aluminium structures
DIN EN 1993-1-1 +AC: EC Design of steel structures
EN 1990: Eurocode 0 “Basis of structural design”
EN 1991: Eurocode 1 “Actions on structures“
EN729: Quality requirements for welding
PVC Roof / wall material: Flame retardant according to BS-7837, DIN 4102 B1
EN 1090: CE Standards for structural “SB” bolting
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Our company is annually audited for the manufacturing of
aluminium temporary structures
Tree canopy
Industry Leading Sustainability
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