Power Supply

Power supply for your marquee

A marquee generator is a great way to ensure you have a reliable power supply for your structure. Fews Marquees only specify super silent generators (in a variety of sizes) to reduce noise levels within the marquee itself. All equipment is fully safety tested, well maintained and in good working order.

Alternatively you could choose to connect to the mains supply at your venue for your primary source of power.

In all instances, we recommend a backup supply of power is installed, via a backup generator, to minimise the risk of being left without lighting, and any other service you may be using.

Where necessary we will relay internal power cables, fitted with 13, 16 or 32amp sockets to accommodate your exact supply needs. Cables and wiring are kept tidy and out of sight where possible. This is important in terms of safety as well as keeping your marquee looking it’s best.

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