16th October 2019

Atlantic Ambition Sponsorship

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Fews Marquees are delighted to announce it’s association with Atlantic Ambition, a crew of four who are taking on the world’s toughest rowing race – the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2019.
Covering 3000 miles from La Gomera to Antigua, this is the world’s toughest rowing race. Crews will test the limit of their physical and mental strength; to achieve something unthinkable, rowing unaided across the Atlantic ocean. The race begins in early December, where teams will launch to spend up to 40 nights at the mercy of the sea. So difficult is the task, that more people have been into space or climbed Everest than have rowed the Atlantic.

The guiding principle for supporting the venture is the team’s association with two of the main global charities working to protect our oceans, The Marine Conservation Society and the Surfrider Foundation.

In a first of it’s kind, the team will also be conducting scientific research by measuring critical ocean properties during the crossing. Utilizing Smartfin technology the boat will be fitted with custom sensors that will measure some of the important ocean properties such as temperature, pH levels and dissolved oxygen.

This unique data set will be used to help researchers and scientific communities understand trends in the Atlantic Oceans health.

Two of the crew members, Ewan Bell and Ed Wilson, were employees of Fews Marquees in the past, which makes the partnership very special, and one which Fews Marquees are very proud.

Ian Few, managing director at Fews Marquees, commented, “We would only ever support projects that fit with our core philosophy and strategies, and we felt that Atlantic Ambition’s exciting project would dovetail very neatly in both cases. Let’s hope they’re winners in all of their aims.”

In combination with other components of the Fews sustainability strategy, such as environmental accreditations, optimised logistics, and the use of solar power and a comprehensive biomass heating system to fuel it’s offices and warehouse, Fews Marquees is taking a lead in environmental sustainability.

Atlantic Ambition