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Back to Work – how marquees can solve the testing problem

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Back To Work – how marquees can solve the testing problem

It’s April 12th and the long and very welcome road out of lockdown has begun. The pubs are open again, we can get a haircut, and maybe do a bit of random shopping.

The re-opening of many businesses presents the problem of if, where and when are employees going to be Covid tested prior to work. The solution may also seem to be obvious at first glance, but then the wrinkles start to emerge.

Should I test my employees?

Unless you intend to put everyone into a protected environment then you may have to. The social distancing measures are familiar to all and we wear masks where necessary, but knowing that employees have been recently tested makes our workplaces as safe as they can be within reason.

This also sends a strong message to customers and suppliers that your business is safe and taking the risks seriously.

When should I test my employees?

There is always the choice to ask employees to test at home, but is this robust enough to satisfy everyone that all is being done? It would be more satisfactory to test before work so that a traceable log can be kept. In these times we must not only be safe, but also be seen to be safe.

Where should I test my employees?

You may think the best solution is to test on your premises, and that works fine until someone tests positive and the cleaning must start alongside the isolation of anyone in close contact. Testing outdoors is not very practical given the unpredictability of British weather. A marquee structure or shelter may just be the solution to the problem:
• Marquees can be built any surface without risk of permanent damage
• They can be built fit most areas
• They offer excellent protection against the weather

There is more detailed advice for employers managing the return to work here:

Fews have been at the forefront of the Covid response, proving temporary triage areas, A&E waiting areas and temporary mortuaries since the early stages. Since then we have developed a number of specific solutions to help cope with the crisis including negative pressure rooms, drive through testing centres, canteens and other social distancing facilities.  All structures are available to buy or hire on a long or short term basis.

Our experienced team have developed Covid-safe procedures to ensure client and employee welfare whenever we are on site, and our marquees are fully cleaned before build.

These are some of the available options:

• PVC sided tents for building in tight, awkward spaces
• Commercial grade vinyl flooring
• Wind-rated and snow loaded to BS6399
• Easy to partition to create discrete areas
• Can be erected on almost any surface including concrete, tarmac and grass
• Lighting, infra-red heating and air-conditioning available
• Each structure can be stand-alone or connected to another building
• Bespoke access ramps
• Fast installation


For more information click here:

Let’s beat this together.

Test Centre Marquee Test Centre Marquee Covid Testing Marquee

Covid Testing Marquee
Covid Test Marquee

Covid Test Marquee
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