Cheltenham Ice Rink

Fews Solution

We were approached by S3K group to provide a festive ice rink right in the heart of the Cheltenham this Christmas. Fews constructed an effective structure to house a temporary ice rink which incorporated a festive atmosphere within. The 25m x 35m structure included a curved clear PVC roof which created a snow globe effect to the ice rink, enticing anyone passing by to come and join in the ice skating fun.

Due to health and safety reasons of the event there was a 5m x 10m welfare/treatment structure, beside the main ice rink structure, to provide storage and space right next to the main structure.

Ice Rink in a Marquee 

The ice rink in order to maintain itself required a structure which provided storage for maintenance equipment like the 1800kg Zamboni which maintains the ice.

Fews provided a Grid floor system with phenolic board finish which was sufficient in supporting the structure which required extra support due to uneven / unstable ground below due to the location it was situated in. This supporting floor structure enabled for the storage of the heavy maintenance equipment.

Tree canopy
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