Clear Roof Wedding Marquee

Clear Roof Wedding Marquees

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Clear Roof Wedding Marquees

Clear roof wedding marquees are the go-to look for the upcoming wedding season. Similar to the style of Pippa Middleton’s society wedding, clear roofs are perfect for maximising the impact of a beautiful setting such as a stately home or other high-end venues. Incorporating such design features as cross-back chairs and festoon lighting, a clear roof wedding marquee tells the world that your wedding is one of the events of the year.

We are able to provide brand new looking, wrinkle-free clear roofs and walls due to putting the PVC under tension plus careful maintenance and regular replacement. All PVC is thoroughly cleaned and dried after use, then wrapped and stored in our biomass heated warehouses.

Positioning of the marquee is crucial, and during our site visit we will help you to select the perfect location to highlight a beautiful venue or an uninterrupted view, and later in the evening a stunning clear night’s sky or fireworks display.

Part clear roof wedding marquees are also very popular allowing for different areas to provide an alternative atmosphere for guests throughout the day, but if a full clear roof is chosen we ensure voiles and drapings are part of the interior design to offer shade during a hot summers day and open windows for ventilation.

Our igloo structure is ideal for larger events with its innovative design, 14 metre high roof, and 30-40 metre clear span width. This structure is unique to Fews Marquees in the UK, and offers the possibility to have a wedding on a truly spectacular and grand scale.

At Fews Marquees we strive to provide not only the perfect marquee, but a package of support, advice, experience and understanding that will make that important day be a memorable and enjoyable experience.


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