TV, Film & Media

Premium marquees for TV, film and media

From practical to beautiful, our temporary structures are designed to suit the demands of the film and television industry. Fast paced, ever changing and very short timelines are just some of the challenges we know production teams face when pulling together programme or film making.

We have the resources in both product and service to meet the needs of production firms and agencies. Our extensive experience in this sector for clients such as BBC (Proms in the Park, Masterchef) and Sky (Battle of the Brides) ensures you can be confident in our ability to deliver.

We can provide very large structures for temporary studios such as our Igloo which is up to 16m high, up to 40m wide and almost infinite length with its impressive load bearing capability of 3000kg every 5m arch. In addition we can provide structures for location cover, catering and dining areas, temporary workshops, dressing rooms and general storage. The standard of our service is amongst the highest in the industry and we will do everything necessary to ensure the smooth running of your event. Our project managers will be on hand to make sure that you’re supported all the way through.
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