Everything You Need to Know About Marquee Weddings

Marquees are a popular choice for wedding venues and it is totally understandable why. They’re suitable for all weathers, versatile, customisable and adaptable to suit however many guests you want – there’s really no reason not to choose one!

Some wedding venues will have permanent marquees in their grounds, however, if you have fallen in love with a location but they don’t have a marquee, you can also explore the option of hiring their land and having a marquee bespoke built for you, by us, Fews!

So, what do you need to know about a marquee wedding?


Can Be Designed for Your Event

One of the things people love so much about marquees for weddings is that they can be designed to suit each individual occasion.

When a couple comes to us with a vision for their marquee, it is down to us to make it come to life. Marquees can be sized perfectly to suit how many guests you’re inviting, house whatever table plan or interior layout you have in mind and even to fit in dance floors, DJ decks and more!

The look of the marquee can also be designed to suit what you like the most, whether you want a full glass structure or something more traditional with white drapes or a black star cloth ceiling.


Fully Heated and Lit

A lot of people worry that marquees aren’t suitable for winter weddings or evening receptions when the sun goes down but as all of our marquees are fully heated and lit, this isn’t a problem.

You can party the night away in a beautifully lit and comfortably heated marquee whether it’s the middle of summer or the height of winter as our structures are made with solid materials and are suitable for all seasons.


You Do Not Need Planning Permission

One question we get asked a lot is whether you need planning permission for a marquee to be built on land for a wedding and the answer is no.

Planning permission is not required for marquees or temporary structures unless it will be erect for longer than 28 days, so unless you’re a venue wanting to hire a marquee on a long term basis, you shouldn’t need planning permission for your wedding marquee.


Can You Have Your Ceremony in a Marquee?

It is worth noting that you can’t legally get married in a temporary structure such as a marquee, so you can only host blessing ceremonies, wedding breakfasts and evening receptions in your marquee.

It is not legal or licensed to have your ceremony in a structure that is not permanent, so if you want your wedding to take place in a marquee, you will either need to marry in a registry office before the day and just have a blessing in the marquee or host your ceremony at a church or licensed venue and host the reception in the marquee afterwards.


Cloak Rooms, Toilets and Kitchens Can Also Be Provided

A lot of people wonder about the logistics of a marquee wedding: where will the food be made? Where will people go to the toilet?

Well, cloakrooms, toilets and kitchens can also be provided outside of the main marquee, still having a premium and well-presented feel to them, ideal for matching the bespoke marquee that has been created for your event.

We can provide full power, water, heat and lighting to toilet blocks and kitchen setups, meaning they can function perfectly for your event.


So, want to book a marquee for your wedding? Learn more about weddings with Fews Marquees and enquire today!


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