Fews Fast and Effective Response to RAAC crisis

Fews Fast and Effective Response to RAAC crisis

In the wake of the RAAC crisis, numerous organisations faced dire situations, desperately needing temporary structures to sustain their operations. This case study delves into the rapid and efficient response of Fews, a leading company specialising in temporary structures, to two such organisation’s urgent need for a temporary canteen.

Client’s challenge

In both cases the affected organisation urgently required a temporary canteen as their existing facilities were rendered unsafe due to RAAC. Fews was contacted to provide a swift solution that met the safety requirements and demands of the organisation which in this case was a school and a university.

Fews solution

Recognising the urgency, Fews swiftly sprang into action, deploying a 10m x 20m Clearspan Premium Structure with Apex PVC Roof on 3m Leg that perfectly accommodated the client’s needs. The other structure that was provided by Fews to another customer was a 10m x 50m clearspan premium structure with a combination of PVC walling and glass panelled walls. The structure was not only spacious but also designed with adaptability in mind. Fews provided powerful heaters capable of warming the entire space, ensuring the occupants’ comfort. Moreover, Fews offered the flexibility of swapping roofs for insulated ones, minimising heat loss during the winter months and ensuring a comfortable environment year-round.

Fast Installation

Fews offer a very fast installation service where required. Our temporary buildings can be installed on hard standing concrete, tarmac, gravel or grass, and it is possible for them to be either  free-standing or connected to existing buildings.  The quality of our structures mean they can be in place for three months or even 20 years. We are able to build in very confined spaces if the choice of location is limited.

  • 3 week lead time from orders
  • 5-10 day installations 

Expertise and understanding

Fews quick response was underpinned by their deep understanding of the RAAC issue. Their proactive approach stemmed from years of experience in the supply and construction of temporary structures for educational institutions, including schools and universities. This extensive experience provided them with unique insights into creating safe and functional spaces under pressing circumstances. With Fews abundancy of accreditations we are able to provide our services on any sort of site and this enabled us to work closely with schools and universities in the past, ensuring any concern from the customers side was taken care of.

Turnkey solutions

Fews ability to deliver turnkey solutions was pivotal in this crisis scenario. From design to deployment, Fews took charge, ensuring that the temporary canteen was not only swiftly erected but also fully equipped for the organisation’s needs. Their commitment to comprehensive solutions demonstrated their dedication to alleviating the challenges faced by their clients during this critical period.

Fews rapid response, expertise, and commitment to providing turnkey solutions played a crucial role in helping organizations cope with the RAAC crisis. Their ability to swiftly design, deploy, and adapt structures highlights their effectiveness in addressing urgent and complex challenges faced by their clients, making them a reliable partner in times of crisis.

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