Large Marquee Hire – The Ultimate Guide

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Large Marquee Hire

What you need to know about Large marquee hire 

We are proud to present our large marquee hire, ultimate guide, to help you make the right choice when hiring a large marquee for your wedding or event.

When hiring a marquee, the main consideration is usually size, but what defines a large marquee?

Of course, everything is relative and what would be classed as a large marquee for a garden party would be considered relatively small for a music festival or conference. So, it’s best to think of how the marquee will be used to determine the appropriate size and structure type.

For every type of event, the calculation for marquee size differs, let’s take a look at the applications for large marquees in closer detail.

Large Marquee Hire for Weddings and Parties

A large marquee is a must for weddings and parties, but when considering the size of marquee, it’s best to start with the number of guests attending your event. Weddings, for example, usually fall under two (sometimes three) different scenarios; the seated reception, the evening party and the ceremony itself.

Following the standard procedure of wedding reception, followed by the evening party, we would suggest the following as a guide. (Assuming tables of ten plus a bar, catering, DJ and dancefloor):

Up to 150 guests – 9m x 30m marquee
Up to 200 guests – 12m x 30m marquee
Up to 250 guests – 15m x 30m marquee

Our PVC sided Universal Marquee is perfect for such events, but when glass walls and doors are required, our Premium Marquee with a deck level cassette floor would be ideal.

If you are expecting more than 250 guests, as is often the case with Asian weddings, we offer a free site visit/quotation service to ensure you get the best large marquee for your event.

Large marquee hire for parties differs slightly to weddings and comes down to a number of factors including how many tables are required, if the catering is seated, the size of dancefloor and whether you have a band or DJ playing. There is no exact science to this, but using our guide for weddings is a great place to begin.

For more information click here:

Long marquee
Huge Marquee

Marquee Hire for Large Conferences, Exhibitions and Corporate Events

Large marquee hire for corporate events is driven by a number of factors. Conferences, for example, often feature stages, product displays, break out rooms and social spaces, which all need to be taken into account along with the number of delegates attending.

When hiring a large marquee for your exhibition, visitor numbers, exhibition space, flooring and lighting all need to be considered.

If your corporate event is experiential, we would recommend a complete bespoke solution to really make your event shine and leave a lasting impression.

For many corporate events, branding is key. At Fews, we understand the importance of being brand-led and offer many solutions including specially printed walls and gables alongside matching furniture. Our Premium Structures are ideal for corporate events for this very reason.

For more information click here:

Racing Point F1 Team Corporate Hospitality Marquee
Large Marquee Igloo Conference

Spacious Marquees for Festivals

Festivals fall under two distinct categories; cultural festivals such as the Hay Literary Festival and Food Festivals or music festivals such as Parklife and Glastonbury.

When it comes to large marquees for cultural festivals, expect stands, free flowing visitors, seated displays and theatre style areas.

For music festivals the focus is on maximum space, both width and length are important as is height and acoustic excellence. Crowd numbers can be in the thousands, so our clear-span structures with huge spans are perfect for setting the stage.

Fews Igloo is a jaw-dropping structure with clear-span widths of up to 40 metres and apex heights of 16 metres. If you are looking for the very best in event structure design, the Igloo is for you.

For more information click here:

On Stage Parklife Igloo Large Marquee
Massive Festival structure with large crowd capacity

Sizable Marquees for Ice Rinks

Ice rinks, by their very nature, are rarely small. Temporary ones are found in many cities and towns over the Christmas period and Fews are specialists in providing large marquees for housing ice rinks. Our large marquees not only look good, but provide a stable and level floor system to create the perfect platform for the rink.

For more information click here:

Birmingham's largest Ice Rink
Large Ice Rink marquee

Spacious Marquees for Vaccination and Covid Testing

Over the past year, we have provided large marquees and tents for Covid vaccinations and testing throughout the UK. With fast installation times and no need for ground works, they have become an invaluable resource in the fight against Covid.

Alongside our large marquees, we quickly developed Covid-safe working practices, offering the NHS fast and flexible support wherever it was required. We will continue to allocate stock for this purpose for as long as it is needed.

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Sizable Marquees for Temporary Studios, Sound Stages and Location Support

This highly specialised market sector is one of the fastest growing in the UK. Major TV companies and streaming platforms such as Disney, Sky, Netflix and Amazon are investing heavily in the UK as a production base for their content. This means that temporary structures are often required for use as temporary studios, canteens, dressing rooms and workshops.

For larger productions, these location support marquees can resemble a village, with many structures dotted around the main filming areas for months.

Fews has a whole section of it’s business dedicated to these structures.

for more information click here:

Filming location support marquee
Filming temporary sound stage

Huge Marquees and Tents for Temporary Storage

Large marquees and tents are ideal for temporary storage. Often referred to as industrial tents, warehouse marquees or temporary storage buildings, these large marquees can be huge in scale and scope.

While the majority of the marquees or tents covered in this article are hired over a relatively short period of time, temporary storage marquees can be in-situ for many years and are therefore more robust in nature.

Storage space is the key here, alongside delivery vehicle access, staff requirements, forklift and other lifting equipment needs, temperature control, condensation management to name a few.

At fews, we specialise in large marquees and buildings for temporary storage. This is such an important part of our business that we have a separate website detailing our products and services. You can find out more on the link below.

For more information click here:

Large temporary storage
Temporary storage tent

Why Hire a Large Marquee from Fews?

While we don’t like to sing our own praises, we are genuinely proud of the product and service we provide, and it shows. Here’s why we think you should use us as your large marquee supplier:

We allocate a dedicated project manager to each and every event. Our team have years of experience in installing large marquees so you can trust that you are in safe hands. Having your own dedicated project manager ensures everything is communicated effectively from client brief to installation crew.

We can supply a wide variety of large marquee structures and have the flexibility to provide any space that you can imagine to support your event.

Our broad range of structures allows us to build clear-span spaces up 40 metres wide with almost unlimited lengths. This means you won’t have to limit your numbers or your ideas. If more height is needed, then our Igloo structure can be built up to 16m high and has a phenomenal loading capacity for production.

Our combination of service, experience and heavy investment in the latest technology means that Fews is the perfect partner from whom to hire your large marquee. 

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