Are Marquees Suitable for Winter Events?

One of the questions we get asked the most here at Fews Marquees is whether our marquees are suitable for use in the winter and the simple answer is… yes!

Although we know just why our marquees are more than suitable for use during the winter months, we understand that most people just can’t see how that is possible, so we’re going to go into greater detail for you today.


Solid Structures

Reason number one why marquees are absolutely fine for use in the winter is because they are solid structures. When we think of marquees, we tend to initially think of the pop-up gazebo style marquees we erect ourselves for garden parties but the structures we create here at Fews are very different.

We use solid materials to create the structures of our marquees such as clear-span, glass or metal panels, meaning the construction of our marquees are extremely robust and they also have roofs made with equally as durable and strong materials.

Unlike a gazebo, our marquees won’t be blowing over in the wind.



What a lot of people don’t know about professional marquees, like the ones we construct here at Fews, is that they can be fitted with heating systems or air conditioning systems, depending on the weather.

When we create marquees for use during the winter months, we always recommend heating generators being built into the design to ensure the structure can be properly heated and all of the heating systems we use here at Fews Marquees are adjustable, to ensure we can create the optimum temperature.


Lighting and Power

Temperature is not the only trouble in winter but lighting too. The sun sets far earlier in the day and most of our events during these months are hosted once it has gone dark outside but as our marquees are all fitted with power and lighting, this isn’t a problem.

We can offer a whole range of lighting setups to suit your design ideas, providing you with the perfect amount of light to create the atmosphere you want but also to be practical for hosting your event.


Insulation and Drapes

A lot of our marquees will be fitted with drapes inside, available in a range of different colours or even star cloths on the ceilings and although these are internal design features, they also act as a layer of insulation.

Clear-span or glass structures can automatically have a very cold feel to them, just by being so vast and open, so by adding star cloths to the ceiling or drapes to the ceiling and sides, you add a warmer, more homely feel to the structure which automatically helps it be more suitable for those cold months.

So, whether it’s a Christmas party, birthday party or winter wedding, if you’re hosting an event in winter and think a marquee could be the right choice, there’s no need to worry that these types of venues aren’t suitable for cold temperatures and bad weather.

As perfect for use in winter as they are in summer, contact the team at Fews Marquees today to enquire about organising a marquee for your winter event!



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