Real Wedding
Kiran & Meera

Spectacular celebrations

Kiran and Meera’s wedding was a Sikh celebration.

We erected a premium marquee with hard ABS walls, glass windows and full air conditioning system to keep guests comfortable. The celebrations were spread over 7 days, and were a spectacle to behold from start to finish.

For the Chunni ceremony, the marquee was lined with flat white lining and the cassette flooring was covered with high quality velour carpet and pink décor. Renowned DJ’s Kudos created a DJ booth and customised dance floor, complete with family emblem.

The house itself had coloured lighting designs projected on to it, creating a stunning entrance for guests and making the venue a key part of the occasion.

The marquee was transformed

We blacked the marquee out completely for the Surgeet, creating the ultimate party atmosphere, beautiful flower arrangements hung from the ceiling and Liquid Chefs provided fantastic mocktails to accompany the entertainment and fireworks displays.

Dancing on the gold mirrored dance floor carried on late into the night before the marquee was transformed once again, with white flat lining, ready for the wedding reception.

550 guests attended the beautiful reception, Dream Occasions supplied flowers for every day of celebrations, including a peacock made of fresh orchids for the reception.

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