Orangery Venue

An Elegant Space

In early 2023 Fews were commissioned to build an Orangery to serve as a temporary venue for several events through the summer months.  Needing a truly elegant structure to wow their VIP guests, we provided a 20 metre x 45 metre black framed Orangery  marquee on a 3 metre leg.  The walls were black framed glass window panels, with glass double doors and a clear PVC roof.  

The whole structure was built on ring beam cassette floor to provide a perfectly level base, on which was laid a vinyl wood-effect vinyl.  The structure was partitioned using a black wall to provide a serving area at one end.

Bespoke ramps were built to provide easy access to the marquee all with handrails and astro-turf.


Type: Orangery
Use: Temporary Venue
Build Time: 10 Days
Flooring: Cassette Floor
Unique Features: Access Ramps



Size: 20m x 45m x 3m
Panels: Black Framed Glass Panels, Black ABS Panels
Roof: Clear PVC
Doors: Glass Double Doors
Orangery marquee with floral decorations
Orangery Marquee Structure UK
Orangery Marquee Structure
Orangery Marquee Structure
Glass Orangery Marquee Structure
Orangery Marquee Structure
Black frame Orangery Marquee
Orangery Marquee Structure

Orangery on a 4 metre leg

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