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The Pros of Choosing a Marquee Over a Traditional Venue

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When it comes to choosing the venue for any occasion, it really is a decision that will dictate how the whole event looks and runs, so it’s a choice you need to make wisely.

There are so many different types of venue to choose from but there’s no event space quite as versatile as a marquee and although we may be biased, we think they really are the best option for any kind of event and here’s why:


Flexible and Versatile

There’s really no other venue quite like a marquee that delivers the same flexibility and versatility when it comes to size, shape and layout.

Although furniture can be rearranged in most venues, there are very few event spaces that allow you to select the length and width you want your room and exactly how you want it be organised inside.


Blank Canvas Appeal

Although there are venues out there that will allow you to bring your own decorations to customise a space, every venue has a theme, look or feel that can never fully be transformed into your own, whereas marquees have a totally blank canvas appeal.

Marquees are open white spaces when first built, waiting for you to put your stamp on them with whatever interiors suit your event and the look you want to create.


They’re Temporary

Any type of event brings with it the concern of wear and tear to the venue such as drinks split on floors, internal features damaged, etc but as marquees are temporary, custom-built spaces specifically for events, you can say goodbye to this worry.

There are a lot fewer damages that can occur to a marquee than a standard venue as there’s no furniture or precious features inside, there’s no carpet or hardwood flooring and there’s no paintwork either, so there is generally a lot less concern about damaging a marquee.


Long Term Hire Available

Unlike many venues, marquees from Fews Marquees can be hired on a long term basis. If you’re running an event over multiple days or even weeks, your marquee can be constructed at your chosen location and be kept up for as long as you need it.

Many traditional venues simply do not have the availability to hire spaces out for multiple days and certainly not weeks, so this really is one of the unique selling points of choosing a marquee.

And with weather-proof exteriors as well as internal heating, lighting, etc, marquees can be used in all weathers and withstand the elements if kept up for extended periods of time.

So, if you ask us, there really is no reason not to choose a marquee over a traditional venue – they really are the ideal option, whatever the occasion.

To enquire about hiring a bespoke marquee from Fews Marquees for your event, get in touch with the team today by calling 01527 531407 or emailing



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