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Pub Marquees and Social Distancing


From 12th April 2021 onwards, the Government has indicated that hospitality venues will be able to re-commence trading by serving customers outdoors while seated at a table. For the pub and restaurant trade this must be a welcome step in the right direction, but it still means that indoor space will unavailable until restrictions are lifted at some point after June 21st. Solutions will vary, and while we can hope for a repeat of last years glorious weather, if outdoor spaces are to be maximised and comfortable then some kind of cover will be required.

Any pub marquee being used as weather cover will need to be open on a least one side to count as an outdoor space. The rules aren’t completely clear yet, but wider social rules will apply to prevent mixing between different households.

It’s worth noting that social-distancing in some form will most-likely be re-introduced later in 2021 to cope with further waves of Covid-19.

Fews Solutions

For many public houses,a pub marquee situated in a beer garden or a car park will be an adequate solution given the range of sizes available plus various heating options.

Fews can offer various marquee solutions including traditional clear-span marquees and pagodas, from 3 metres to 25 metres in width and almost unlimited length. Flooring is optional, but can be as simple as basic boards. Heating options include basic heaters to full heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Bars can also be supplied.

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