Solutions for Offices

Fews Marquees have developed some social distancing solutions for the businesses preparing re-introduce their employees back to the office. The extra space required to do this safely can be provided by temporary marquee structures designed for the purpose.

Temporary Offices

If additional temporary office space is required to enable sufficient social distancing we can provide a fully temperature controlled environment with lighting, carpeting, furniture, electricity and water. All this can be secured using lockable doors, windows and alarm systems if needed.

Temporary Emergency Office

Temporary Canteens

Our temporary buildings are ideal to offer expanded canteen areas that may be required under future social distancing rules. We can do a full fit out including catering equipment, furniture, refrigeration, temperature control, lighting and electricity. Everything can be secured using lockable doors, windows and alarm systems if needed.

We are also able to provide specially designed furniture and booths offering extra safety if required.

Temporary Canteen
Temporary Canteen

Testing Booths

We can provide testing booths where staff can be safely tested using temperature guns on the way into each office. This will protect both “tester” and “tested”.


Pedalsan Hands-Free Hand Sanitiser Station

£395 per unit (plus VAT)

Built for use in warehouse and on construction sites, pedalsan has been developed with strength and durability as a top priority.


The pedalsan is fitted with 2 heavy duty castors and a top-mounted pull handle to make it easily transportable to other locations. The pull handle also makes handling the unit easy when loading into a van, etc.


Includes a secure eye hook on base for easy anchoring to a floor, post or other fixture using a chain and padlock


A robust pedal mechanism ensures pedalsan can withstand the heavy usage from construction site footwear. Minimal foot-pressure is required which maximises the longevity of the pedal mechanism and ensures all users can effortlessly extract sanitiser.


High quality powder-coat finish, easy clean and resistant to the elements. Rubber floor protectors protect the metal base from direct contact with the floor, also minimising any movement of the pedalsan during use.



Pedalsan 1
Pedalsan 2
Pedalsan 3
Pedalsan 4

Protective Face Visor

This protective face visor provides protection against solid and liquid particles. Made of polycarbonate, this visor can be sterilized and is therefore completely reusable.

£7.00 each (plus VAT in quantities of 100 pcs)

£5.50 each (plus VAT in quantities of 1200 pcs)