We are leading providers of temporary buildings. Our professional reputation is built on three key pillars; safe and speedy construction, total reliability regarding on-time delivery, and a laser-focus on customer satisfaction.

Our design and planning process is detailed, meticulous, and uses state of the art design software. The many hours spent are rewarded by seamless delivery and construction phases, ensuring timely completion. Our accreditations such as ISO9001, ISO14001, CHAS and Safe Contractor are all in place, so we meet all regulatory requirements.

Drive Through Testing Marquees

We have been providing marquees to doctors surgeries and health clinics for drive through testing of Covid-19 at very short notice. Drive through test stations can be simple covers or extended structures that can contain testing equipment, secure storage and rest areas. We can also provide drive through marquees for blood testing, vaccinations as well as medical health checks so patients can safely stay in their cars.

Our drive through testing marquees can be specified, delivered and erected within 24hrs if necessary, and are available for short or long term hire as required.

Drive Through Structure
Drive Through Structure


Social Distancing Solutions

Fews Marquees have developed some social distancing solutions for organisations preparing to bring their employees back to work. The extra space required to do this safely can be provided by temporary marquee structures designed for the purpose.

Temporary Office Space

If additional temporary office space is required to enable sufficient social distancing we can provide a fully temperature controlled environment with lighting, carpeting, furniture, electricity and water. All this can be secured using lockable doors, windows and alarm systems if needed.


Temporary Canteens

Our temporary marquee structures are ideal to offer expanded canteen areas that may be required under future social distancing rules. We can do a full fit out including catering equipment, furniture, refrigeration, temperature control, lighting and electricity. Everything can be secured using lockable doors, windows and alarm systems if needed.

Temporary Office
Temporary Canteen


Temporary Staff Rooms & Temporary Lockers

Fully furnished temporary staff rooms with lockers can be provided at short notice ensuring that staff have safe “socially distanced” areas for lunch breaks, rest breaks or preparing for work. These can be be fully temperature controlled, with lighting, water and any facilities that may be required.


Staff Testing Booths

We can provide testing booths where staff can be safely tested using temperature guns on the way into work. This will protect bother “tester” and “tested”.


Schoolrooms / Lecture Halls

Where social distancing is required in schools, we can provide purposely designed temporary marquee structures with correctly spaced desks for lessons and examinations. All can be fully temperature controlled, well lit and fully secure.

Social Distancing Classroom
Social Distancing Classroom

Fast, efficient, personal service

We offer a very competitive service and will strive to find the perfect solution for your business with our proactive and personal approach. Each customer request is led from enquiry to build by one of our expertly trained project managers ensuring continuity and a seamless process. Once a project is commissioned, we allocate a single point of contact and responsibility.

Call us and one of our project managers will provide a FREE quote. If a site visit is required, then we are also happy to do this free of charge. If your requirement is very urgent, we are able to install some structures within a week. Check with us and we’ll advise accordingly.

High Quality

Our Premium marquee structures represent the latest generation of marquee technology and are ideal for retail through the utilisation of aluminium clearspan technology.

The structures benefit from enhanced thermal properties, significantly reducing the impact of wind and ensuring a quieter, warmer environment for staff and customers.

Constructed from anodised aluminium and other high-quality materials, our temporary warehouse structures are resistant to wind, snow and rain, and are designed to last many years in such conditions. We use specialist enhanced PVC, insulated sandwich slabs, aluminium profiles and fire galvanised steel connection and assembly components to ensure we provide safe, durable, resistant structures.

Years of industry experience

Fews Industrial has over 20 years of experience in the temporary structure business, and provides the highest quality products and exceptional service.

Headed up by Ian Few, Managing Director, the permanent team of office staff and site crew all enjoy in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience of the business.