Fews Response to the RAAC crisis

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Fews Response to the RAAC crisis

In the wake of the government’s announcement regarding the RAAC issue affecting schools in early September, a complex situation has unfolded, encompassing a multitude of public sector buildings, including universities, hospitals, care facilities, council offices, libraries, as well as several privately-owned theatres and halls.

As a consequence, many of these facilities have had to temporarily close their doors while inspections and necessary repair work are initiated. This has led to a proactive search for viable alternatives.

Anticipated Surge in Demand

Over the upcoming months, the demand for high-quality temporary and semi-permanent structures is expected to surge significantly in response to this pressing issue.

Our Expertise

Fews boasts a rich history of providing top-tier, comprehensive solutions across a wide range of sectors, including all levels of education, the NHS, associated enterprises, public institutions, construction, the nuclear industry, logistics, and the retail sector. We stand ready with tailored solutions to address any specific requirements.

Thanks to substantial investments in safety certifications, continuous staff training, and the use of premium-grade materials, Fews is well-equipped to construct secure structures in any environment. We can supply temporary classrooms, sports facilities, dining areas, assembly halls, office spaces, and even theatres, meeting the diverse needs of our clients.

In response to the government’s announcement in September, we swiftly delivered robust solutions to various Schools and Universities. You can find detailed case studies on these projects below.

Myton School 

Fews fast and effective response to RAAC crisis 

Temporary Classroom for RMS for Girls

Fast Installation

Fews offer a very fast installation service where required. Our temporary buildings can be installed on hard standing concrete, tarmac, gravel or grass, and it is possible for them to be either  free-standing or connected to existing buildings.  The quality of our structures mean they can be in place for three months or even 20 years. We are able to build in very confined spaces if the choice of location is limited.

  • 3 week lead time from orders 
  • 5-10 day installations 

Sustainability and Long-Term Viability

Temporary structures are not mere stopgap measures; they can be designed with sustainability at the forefront. This includes the incorporation of energy-efficient features and the use of eco-friendly materials. Moreover, they provide the flexibility to adapt and expand as the evolving needs of schools and institutions require, ensuring a lasting solution.

At Fews Temporary Buildings, we take pride in our ongoing sustainability efforts. These range from investing in new, lower-emission trucks to the use of biomass boilers and solar power within our headquarters, powering our offices and warehousing. We are committed to operating with the most sustainable solutions possible. To learn more about Fews’ sustainability initiatives, please visit our sustainability journey here.

The RAAC concrete challenge has presented significant hurdles for the UK, but with the aid of temporary structures, we can overcome these obstacles. By embracing these innovative solutions, we can continue to deliver quality education and essential services while addressing critical safety concerns. It’s a testament to our resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity, ensuring a promising future even in challenging circumstances.

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Temporary Classroom RMS for Girls
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